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[영아보호상담] Question

Writer. BP   /   Data. 2021-04-27   /   Hit. 230
Dear Jusarang Community Church,

I have a question for the church: How many babies have been abandoned in the baby box in this year?

Sincerely with curious-impact person,

Brandon P.
from United States of America
주사랑공동체 답변입니다.
답변일. 2021-04-27 오전 11:34:18


Dear Brandon P. 

Thank you for having curiosity and interest in Jusarang Community Church and Babybox Korea. 

Most of all, additionally speaking,  we dont call the baby abandoned. 


They are the protected and rescued babies from the crisis. 

In 2021,  we have been rescuing 54 babies so far. 

May the Heavenly peace and blessing be upon you. 

Best regards,


from Jusarang Community Church

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